Here's our small, but growing list of apps available from App Brewer:

MoPhotos 1.5.1

Eye-Fi Connector for your Android phone/tablet.  MoPhotos lets you bring photos from your Eye-Fi card directly to your Android phone or tablet, and then immediately take photos to social media or other photo sharing sites and apps.

MoPhotos Pro

MoPhotos Pro, Coupled with version 1.5+ of MoPhotos, further extends the capabilities of MoPhotos with these features:

  • Copy To feature allowing transfers to multiple Dropbox and FTP Server accounts.
  • New multi-selection mode allows you to easily Copy/Share your photos with just a few clicks

UberPad for Android 1.0.0

An unofficial Android client for UberNote that gives you simple access to the mobile UberNote website.

UberNote is an online note taking system enabling you to quickly store your notes from anywhere. It's free, easy to use, requires no install, and organizes your notes in one central location.

Sign up for an account at before signing in with the app.