Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case for Nexus 6

Slim case that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Nexus 6

The Nexus 6, with its enormous 6-inch display, is a handful to comfortably hold for most people. Since one of the main fears about owning and handling a phone this large is that you might drop it, many choose to protect it with a case. If you are like me, you love the way Motorola designed the back of phone and like to display the Nexus branding while using the device. With the Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case you get complete protection of your Nexus 6 while also having the ability to see the beautiful Nexus logo.

Coming up next: We take a look at Android antivirus apps

We're knee deep in Nest this week as we've begun taking more focused looks at specific topics. And we're not slowing down. Coming up next we're going to dive into a subject that, to be perfectly honest, we've tried to avoid over the years.

That would be Android and viruses. Or, rather, Android and antivirus apps. This is a real gray area. Viruses are real on Android. Make no mistake about that. These are full-fledged computers in our pockets and on our wrists. They're powerful, and very much within a user's control to do some hackery, both for good and for evil. And so we've generally taken a "Yes, but ..." approach when it comes to the scary stories of the latest Android malware that's wreaking havoc across a number of devices in a faraway land.

FTC rules that throttled unlimited data doesn't qualify as 'unlimited'

In a ruling that's resulted in a $40 million fine, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's smacking down TracFone's speed throttling of customers that were paying for unlimited data service. The case in question only applies to TracFone, but it helps to reinforce a precedent that could apply to even the larger carriers in the United States.

Announcing the 'Weekly Photo Contest: Vintage' winners!

This was a throwback week, of sorts, as we were looking for your best "vintage" photos in order to take home prizes in the latest photo contest. Four full pages in the forums filled up with entries showing all sorts of cool old items, from trains to coffee pots and everything in between. In the end we narrowed it down, and two folks will be getting a prize this week for their entries. Read along and see the winners for yourself.

The basics of using a Nest Thermostat with Android, iOS and the web

The mobile component of this connected thermostat is really what makes it futuristic

OK, so it's just a thermostat.

And while you will always have the option to walk right up to the pretty little dial on the wall and give it a spin when you want to change something, there's quite a bit of functionality baked into the Nest online services that ensures you basically never have to. As with all connected thermostats, the ability to reach only your hand out from under the covers to grab a device capable of increasing the temperature in your house is one of the great miracles of the 21st century. The Nest Thermostat offers you a lot more than just temperature control, however, and regardless of what device you're using to access those features you can enjoy the entire feature set.

And that's where we head today.

Slack acquisition will see video chat and screen sharing integration

Slack, the current darling of organizations in need of a flexible individual-and-group messaging service, has bought a small video conferencing company named Screenhero. The acquisition will lead to an eventual integration of Screenhero's voice and video conferencing features and screensharing support to Slack's 365,000-and-growing daily users.

How to adjust video auto-play settings in the Facebook app

Facebook changes a lot of things on us automatically, whether it's on the web or on your phone, and one of the more annoying "features" turned on automatically is auto-play videos. From Facebook's perspective auto-play videos seem great — videos are loaded in the background so they play instantly, and as you scroll through your timeline they catch your eye since they're playing without your interaction.

HTC One M9: Leaked image offers peek at two new HTC flagships

Notorious phone leaker @evleaks has temporarily stepped out of retirement, presenting what might be our first proper look at two unannounced, high-end HTC phones — one of which may be the HTC One M9. Today's tweet, which shows two hitherto unseen handsets alongside leaks of the M8, M7 and the abandoned HTC Edge, strongly suggests these could be HTC's new flagship phones.

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse starts selling the Sony Xperia Z3 in purple

Looking for a more colorful variant of the Xperia Z3? If you're living in the UK, you're in luck, as Carphone Warehouse has announced that it is offering the device in a purple color variant exclusively in the country. The phone is available for sale now for £33 ($50) on a monthly plan (which lasts for 24 months), or £479.95 ($720) for the unlocked SIM-free model.

Samsung to launch Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 in the UK on February 12

Samsung has announced that it would be bringing its metal-clad Galaxy A series phones — the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5 — to the UK in February. Both devices will go on sale in the country from February 12, and will be available from high street retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, EE and O2, along with Samsung's exclusive stores. Interested customers can pre-order either device from Samsung's website as well as retail stores starting January 28.

Xiaomi launches Mi 4 in India for Rs. 19,999

At a media event in New Delhi, Xiaomi launched the Mi 4 in the Indian market. The device will be available for sale on Flipkart from February 6, with the 16GB model initially on offer for Rs. 19,999 ($325). The 64GB variant is set to make its debut in the country at a later stage.

Amazon UK cuts price of Fire Phone by up to 75% for one day only

If for some reason you're still mulling over purchasing an Amazon Fire Phone, now is your chance to snag one on the cheap — so long as you live in the UK and use O2's network. Amazon is currently running a lightning deal for the device that drops the price down to £99 off-contract for the 32GB version, a savings of 75 percent. Additionally, you can pick up the 64GB version for a slightly more expensive £149, a 69 percent savings.