Facebook's 'Scrapbooks' feature helps parents organize pictures of their kids

Facebook rolled out a new feature today called "Scrapbooks" that lets parents more easily create and organize photo albums of their children.

Scrapbooks adds quite a few new options for managing photos of your kids with special tags and the option to share a scrapbook with your significant other.

This week's sidebar poll: Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge - which are you buying?

Samsung is busting out two flagships this spring. Which has your eye?

In one hand, we have the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's the next iteration of the insanely popular Galaxy S line, and while some major changes in the battery and storage department have come along, it's the "traditional" choice and an expected successor. People are gonna love it.

In the other hand, we have the Galaxy S6 edge (it kills me not to capitalize the e). Sleek, curvy and dare I say pretty, it's the Galaxy S6 with a new style and a few cool side-a-licious things going on with it's curved front display. Welcome to the future, baby. People are gonna love it, too.

Which one are you going to buy? Or are you going to buy both? Or neither? Take the poll, then tell us why in the comments.

LG offers up free VR headset with purchase of a G3 at select U.S. retailers

LG announced that customers who purchase a G3 from participating retailers in the U.S. will also score a free VR headset starting today.

The headset is basically a plastic version of Google Cardboard, but built specifically for the LG G3 with cutouts for the device's rear buttons. Like Google Cardboard, all users have to do is slot their device into the VR headset to start enjoying virtual reality content right from their device.

The best text editors for your Chromebook

The best text editors for Chrome

Your Chromebook is more than a browser. Chrome is a complete application platform, and crafty developers have built out the Chrome Store with apps that fill just about every requirement a modern laptop needs — including text editors.

I write for a living. Anything from thousands of words to review a smartphone or tablet, or a smattering of code for a small project, or just a list of things I don't want to forget. I write a large portion of it all on my Chromebook. I've tried most every app for writing things down in the Chrome Store, and keep coming back to a few different apps that are the best at what they do.

Have a look, give them a try and tell us what you think.

Google releases Play Games Player Analytics, giving developers better understanding of player behavior

Google has released a new tool for developers, Play Games Player Analytics, which will give more information about how people are playing the game.

Play Games Player Analytics, the latest development tool from Google, will allow game developers to better understand in-game player behavior as well as manage your games business. Google understands that analytics are a key part to any business, including running a game as a service.

Custom snooze times arrive in new Inbox by Gmail update

Google has added custom snooze times to the Inbox by Gmail app, allowing you to select a more exact time than "morning".

Inbox by Gmail will now allow you to set custom snooze times instead of the basic morning and afternoon style options previously available. Understanding that everyone has different needs when it comes to being reminded of a snoozed email, Google has added the ability to define a time at which you want to be reminded.

LG G3 Vigor brings VoLTE to Rogers in Canada

The LG G3 Vigor is coming to Canada through Rogers, and will be one of the first devices on the carrier with support for Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

The LG G3 Vigor will be available from Rogers for no money down on certain two-year Share Everything contracts.

Using ePub files on Android

There's a big difference between open and functional, and it's not always easy to get both when it comes to ePub apps.

You may not be aware of this, but if you're a fan of ebooks there's a good chance you have a collection of ePub files sitting around. There may be some unfortunate DRM in between you and those files, but they almost certainly exist. Generally speaking, the ePub format is the standard for digital books that aren't sold by or made for Amazon. It's a format that has been around for a long time, due largely to its flexibility, and as a result there are no shortage of apps out there to handle ePub files.

All you really need to know is how to get to those formats, and know the best way to enjoy those books when you're not bound to apps like Google Play Books or Kindle.

Google announces four new Chromebooks under $249, aimed towards those on a budget

Google has just announced four new additions to the Chromebook family, all of them priced under $249.

The Chromebook lineup has again grown, this time with additions from Hisense, Haier, and two new Asus models, all priced under $250. Google's announcement included the ASUS Chromebook Flip, the ASUS Chromebook C201, the Hisense Chromebook and the Haier Chromebook 11.

Google Chromebit packs an entire Chrome OS computer into an HDMI stick

If you've been looking for the easiest way to get Chrome OS onto your TV, Google's new Chromebit HDMI stick might be exactly what you need.

Google has a new type of Chrome OS device, one that's designed to make it easier and more discrete than ever to hook up a TV. It's called Chromebit, and it's a complete Chrome OS computer in an HDMI stick about the size of a candybar.

Yahoo for Android update brings refreshed design and interactive features

Yahoo has released an update to its Android app that brings a refreshed design along with some new interactive features.

In the latest update, Yahoo has brought new interactive features to a refreshed design, making the app more engaging. Yahoo has refreshed the look and feel of the app with an all new vibrant design, that delivers a more refined experience.

Pac-Man chomps its way to Google Maps and Ingress for some retro-style fun

Google is usually good for some April Fools jokes, this time putting Pac-Man on the streets of Google Maps and into their alternate-reality game, Ingress.

Pac-Man can be played right now on Google Maps, utilizing the streets of the map as the course. Users can play on streets of their own town on the web, or in select areas on mobile devices. Google has listed a bunch of clues of where to find Pac-Man on mobile devices, but if you want to just get down and play try searching for "Arc de Triomphe".

Moto X (2014) camera tips and tricks

The Moto X's camera is more than adequate if you know your way around it.

Motorola's original Moto X didn't have the greatest camera in the world. The 2014 model is a marked improvement, but still not as big or powerful as newer models like the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's a 13-megapixel shooter, and it's got a camera app that brings with it some of our favorite camera features and not a whole lot else. And we're going to show you how to make the most of that camera when you just have to get a shot — or a selfie — right now.

HTC shutting down Sense TV app, moving users over to Peel

HTC has confirmed that it's shutting down its Sense TV app at the end of April, and moving users over to the Peel app bundled on the One M9.

Owners of the Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 have noticed that the Sense TV app, which functions as a smart TV remote using the built-in IR blaster, has started notifying them that the service will be shut down from April 30. The move isn't surprising given that HTC's shipping a regular Peel remote app instead of Sense TV on its latest One M9. However we now have confirmation from HTC that the move away from Sense TV is taking place, and that it'll affect Android owners as well as its most recent Windows device.

How to pin (and unpin) apps in the Sense Home Widget

The Sense Home Widget on the HTC One M9 is trying its hardest. It's taking a look at where you are, when you're there and what apps you're using and then surfacing them to the home screen in its predictive, adaptive widget. And it does OK. But sometimes you might want to make sure an app stays put, say, while you're at home versus on the road. And for that there's "pinning."

And this is how you pin an app to the home screen in Sense 7.